Tier 2 General Visas In London

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Tier 2 General Visa Applications in London

This route is for individuals who have an offer of a skilled job from UK employer that is on the Home Office register of sponsors. Receive expert guidance from our Tier 2 general visa application lawyers in London.


To apply under Tier 2 route, you must:
  • have a certificate of sponsorship reference number from an employer that is a licensed sponsor in the UK,
  • be offered a skilled job,
  • be paid appropriate salary,
  • meet the English language requirement,
  • meet the maintenance requirement,
  • not been resident in the UK as Tier 2 migrant during the 12 months immediately prior to the date of the application, unless you were in the UK as a Tier 2 migrant with a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) which was assigned for 3 months or fewer, or will earn a gross salary of £155,300 or higher, and
  • not fall for refusal under the general grounds for refusal.

Length of visa
Entry clearance will be granted for up to 5 years plus one month - if the period of engagement shown on the CoS is longer than 3 years and if higher visa fee has been paid, or for the period of engagement shown on the CoS plus one month. Our tier 2 general lawyers in London can help you understand the details of your visa fully.

Our fixed fees for individual Tier 1 application range from £1550 to £2550 plus VAT and disbursements. Disbursements include Home Office / Visa fees, Immigration Health Surcharge fees, biometrics enrolment fees, optional premium appointments, translations, courier and postage etc.

Contact our Tier 2 Visa Lawyers in London
At Karir immigration lawyers in London, we have a wealth of expertise in assisting clients with their Tier 2 visa applications. For expert advice and assistance with a Tier 2 visa application, please contact